I'm excited to announce that you can now take one of my courses from the comfort of your own home! If you continuously fail at meeting your project deliverables, this course is for you


Overcome your frustration with team accountability to successfully deliver your projects and contribute to ROI


  • You are responsible for delivering a project;
  • Your KPA’s are dependent on successful and full implementation and return on income;
  • BUT you have a project team who are way too comfortable and do not take responsibility; and
  • They are not accountable and always pass the buck meaning that at the end of the day no one takes responsibility for doing what is necessary to ensure project delivery

You are confident that

  • Your team knows what to do and all agree on a course of action and are motivated to make it successful;
  • You and your team know how to deal with the complexity of any project and its challenges;
  • Everyone knows what needs to be done, how it needs to be dome and who is responsible; and
  • Everyone in the team understands the impact of their behaviour on team and task effectiveness.



  • You are struggling to get your team to deliver on a tight deadline or difficult project (PROJECT MANAGERS)
  • You and your team have failed at implementing something before (TEAM LEADERS)
  • You are a business partner for a team / division who fails at implementation (HR PARTNERS/ L&D FACILITATORS)


I am a highly motivated and energetic educator, freelance consultant and change agent with a wealth of experience in designing and presenting workshops, organisational action learning programmes and facilitating leadership development programmes. I teach a few business schools including Henley Business School (South Africa). 

have developed the unique methodology of Incubated Learning which I use to implement large scale and difficult strategic objectives. Incubated learning creates safe spaces for corporate citizens to become proficient at getting things done while going through a personal transformation, cultivating skills necessary for becoming 21C leaders.

I have been developing this methodology for the past 15 years with literally thousands of leaders on the African continent, getting them to excel by talking accountability, being comfortable and competent with dealing with complex problems and honing their personal and communication skills to improve their impact and effectiveness at getting projects done.


Out of approximately 467 projects run this way through incubated learning development programs only two have failed
Some of my successes include:

  • Saving R225m for a local short term insurer with in six months;
  • Launching a ‘one-view-of-the-client’ app on all business banker’s ipads in three months that made an additional 20% contribution to bottom line of business;
  • Launching a project that improved lost fee income by 30 % that contributed R3m to bottom line;
  • Launching an internal ‘facebook type’ social media that improved employee engagement with uptake and involvement at 66% of staff in the pilot branch. This has subsequently been rolled out through the whole organisation and is currently being used to drive an employee value proposition project.


"This session has taught me to understand my team’s dynamics so that I can tap on each person’s strong parts to enhance team performance."

"This session has taught me how to identify when someone is in a certain stage, what it means and how to work with him or her e.g. do not put out fires just control them"

"This session has given me an arsenal of techniques to use for different types of problems/scenarios."

"This session has taught me that it is important to listen and consider all perspectives no matter who raises them as they might be crucial to the success of my project."

"I have learnt that by way of interaction, perspective and conversations we should be able to implement large initiatives with relative ease and full business/stakeholder buy in."

"I have learnt that I should deal with team dynamic problems effectively and immediately to ensure successful delivery of projects."