Mandy Lebides

Welcome to the home of learning in South Africa and in particular to the country's premium portal on organisational learning.

If you are currently attending one of my programs;
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My hope is that you find something on my website that will tickle your fancy enough to stay, learn and grow.

You may be interested in the concept of Learning Incubators©. I have been involved in organisational learning and organisational change for over 25 years. I have designed and facilitated close to 500 projects, of which only three have not implemented successfully, and many with brilliant results, such as the R206m that we saved one of our clients last year (find out more here). Here you will also find a pile of resources, articles, templates, e-books and ideas for designing and hosting your own learning incubator.  Most development programs call for huge investment and resources that demonstrate return that is not easily quantifiable. My incubated learning© programs are a form of action learning taken a few steps further.  They create learning environments that develop leaders who during the program, deliver on key strategic objectives with tangible, predetermined return on income.

If you are currently on one of my programs, you can find links for posting your assignments, intermodular submissions, reflective exercise and evaluations in the Current Program section.

Enjoy your trip through our various portals of delight and learning!


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